Landscape Lighting

Quality landscape lighting has moved well beyond the familiar “runway pattern” down the side of the driveway or sidewalk. Whether you want to extend your use of the outdoor space into late summer evenings or you choose to contemplate your winter garden view from the living room, contemporary garden lighting is more than decoration.

Low-voltage systems, i.e., 12-volt, allows easy, above-ground installation, with the flexibility for change as plant materials mature; a line-voltage system, ie. 120 or 240-volt, must be installed by a licensed electrician(like, and is usually intended for long term use in a permanent location, or planned for a larger site.

“See the light, not the lamp.” Design the installation so that it is the subtle effect of the light on the plants that you see, not the glare of the bulb.

Invest in high-quality fixtures, rated for “Wet Locations”, for good, dependable performance over the period of several years whether for security, safety, or aesthetics, design in consideration of the various activities for which you use your outdoor space-entertaining, sports, intimate dinners, evening relaxation, easy viewing, water features, specimen plants.

Relatively inexpensive controllers will allow you to adjust your installation to suit you, automatically.

Regular, annual maintenance is important to guarantee good system operation replace burnt-out lamps, clean the glass lenses, adjust the fixture positions and check the the connections and fittings for corrosion.